lost children

29 Jan

tomorrow the  rights of my grandaughter will be gone. the caseworker has done her job . she has intimidated my grandaughter to thinking if she dont give up her rights then they will attack all the family members who have children and take them away too. as well as the three children who belong to her new fiance. what is this world comming to when the department that is sworn to uphold the rights of the family are the very ones tearing it apart. and for what well in our case the children were well mannered and very polite and well behaved except for normal kid stuff. so they will be easy to adopt out.  now they have put several of them on Ritalin( mind control) meds. they will get the disability they were seeking and they will receive more money to get them adopted out. my heart is broken and i see their lil faces and they  were saying to me why mamaw why. what did i do. well the answer is  u did nothing my babies and i will never forget u and u are always welcome in my home. i hope one day u will be able to read this and know my heart is breaking. no attorney will help us so there is no way to fight them and they know it. they lie and they steal families for a monatary value and they think it is for their own job security but  one day god will handle them and it  will be a long hard road for them. all of it  will come back to them. i pray u have a pleasant life and i pray u never forget the families that loved u so much. pls never forget mamaw cause i will never forget u. the threats are going on now as we speak and it is after 10 pm. attorneys here in ky are afraid of them also so we have no choice. the state makes it easy for them to  disrupt families. and to get paid for it legaly because no one is calling their bluff. where are the checks and balances for this agency. there are no. the judges follow what they say without reason just because they r who they are. they are supose to be upstanding unit for the best interest of the children but in reality they are the kidnapers and the vilians. the president signs in a  new law protecting the children and giving  them more money and what do they do with it. it goes in their fat pockets. so who is checking who.  just shove the papers under the desk and go on to another easy one who can be coerased to doing what  they want u to do. give up so they can make money off your children. in ky it is bad and it is getting worse. no attorney will help so the ones who pay dearly are the children. the judges also follow them blindly and ask no questions. they only see the  things they are being told it is fine when it isnt fine. where is it going to end. where do we as a people in america stand when we all loose our children and our backbone  to the american dream. is it only for the rich and powerful? what has happened to the american people?


Hello world!

23 Mar

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